Learn what ChargeMap can do for your business

We offer a range of dedicated solutions for professionals in different areas of the electric vehicle ecosystem:

  • Automotive manufacturers,
  • Charging network operators,
  • Market researchers,
  • Business customers.

Raise the visibility of your charging points

Operators of charging networks, we will help you to attract drivers of electric cars to your charging points by sharing their details with our community, which currently counts 69,566 members as well as our partners. Even better, it’s free!

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Display the availability of your charging points

If you manufacture charging infrastructure or operate a charging network, ensure that you stand out from your competition! Publish your charging points’ availability in real time on ChargeMap by using our free API!

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Attract new customers to your charging network

If you operate a charging network, you can accept the ChargeMap Club Card in your charging points and increase your return on investment by expanding your customer base substantially.

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Display the charging point map on your site

Car manufacturers can display a map of charging points on their websites, with their own corporate colour scheme, and filtered to show only terminals that are compatible with their vehicles. Who else can offer you a map that’s updated hundreds of times per day?

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Add features to your vehicles with ChargeMap

Car manufacturers can finally access a database of charging points that is fully up-to-date and which can be integrated with their vehicles' on-board computers.
Your customers deserve no less.

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Make the most of our statistical data

As a market research agency or a business customer, you have highly specific statistical needs relating to charging terminals and their use. If that sounds familiar, we’re here to help.

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